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  It isn't the experience of today that drives men mad. It is the remorse of something that happened yesterday, and the dread of what tomorrow may disclose-Dr. Wayne Dyer in "Your Erroneous Zones"


Very little purpose is served by asking questions after being struck by Earthquake. Also no use grumbling about a dam or a nuclear power plant after it has been completed, and is about to be commissioned. They are mighty people and will do it irrespective of how much you oppose. Project entrepreneurs will always say the projects are safely designed. So far people believed the engineers who said dams and nuclear power plants could be designed and constructed to withstand the strongest earthquakes affecting them. Fukushima has proved that this claim is not true. Still we must understand the kind of questions we should ask in between.


The biggest offender is one who earned his reputation in one area and steps out of his area of specialty to make judgment in another. -Dr. LLOYD S CLUFF



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 This site has been placed on the web for  creating  awareness on earthquakes and  earthquake hazard reduction. Here is information on these issues, from the very primary general knowledge to the scientific and technological information including computer programs - their demo runs and downloads. Source codes may be made available to interested individuals   to help program modification for meeting specific  needs. The focus in creating the site has been on making the information easily accessible.   Up gradation of the site is an ongoing process. 

Disclaimer: No originality is claimed. The contents of the site are only to help spreading knowledge. Inaccuracies and errors are possible. The website is part of a free website and advertisements on the web pages are inevitable.








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